Garden Spray Chrysanthemum Plants x 12 Jumbo Plugs



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If you would like to grow your own tall, strong stems of cut flowers, for harvest late this summer and in to the autumn months these are the perfect plants to grow. They will flower from August and into October, with each plant giving you approximately 5-6 stems for cut flowers. They are ready to pick as soon as the first few flowers Break Bud, which means start to show some colour when they get to this stage, cut the stems quite low down, around 15cm (6′) from the ground level, and remove the lower leaves from the cut stems prior to plunging them in to a tall vase of cold water. As an indoor display, they will last at least 2 weeks, but do change the water every few days as this keeps them in the best possible condition. When grown exclusively as a border plant, give them some support with a bamboo cane and position them towards the back of a border where they will brighten your garden just when so many other plants are coming to the end of their season.


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